1. The administrator of the personal data shall be Bartosz Jaworski, ul. Mickiewicza 69, 01-625 Warsaw, VAT Id.: 525-217-04-77, tel. +48 574 188 274
  2. Using full functionality of the Online Shop requires familiarisation with the principles specified in the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of the On-line Shop. 
  3. The personal data administrator ensures that the data are collected, processed and used pursuant to the provisions of the personal data protection act applicable for the country of their collection. 
  4. When processing the personal data, the Personal Data Administrator is obliged to base its actions on the specified legal basis for personal data processing. This basis is: 
  • Client’s consent granted in the process of Order Form completion;
  • necessity of Contract implementation with the Client.
  • necessity to perform legally justified purposes of the data administrators or recipients;
  1. Personal data are transferred in order to:
  • Performance of the Order;
  • for the purpose of conclusion and performance of Contracts concluded remotely, 
  • for performance of other legally justified purposes of the data administrators or recipients; 
  • for the purposes the Client grants its consent for.  
  1. The Client always has the right to access their personal data as well as their improvement and removal. The personal data can be corrected or deleted using the functions of the Client’s Account as well as sending a relevant declaration of intent to the e-mail address of the Personal Data Administrator. 
  2. By use if the On-line Shop the Client entrusts their personal data voluntary. Lack of consent for their processing makes the Order performance and Contract performance impossible.  
  3. The Client always has a right to undo the consent on personal data processing. For this purpose, a declaration of intent must be sent o the e-mail address of the Personal Data Administrator. 
  4. The Seller declares that in case of withdrawal of the consent for processing of personal data, it will be unable to perform the Order and the Contract. 


  1. When using the On-line Shop, certain data are automatically saved on the Seller’s servers for the purpose of system administration, statistics or back-up copies. The said data include: 
  • name of your Internet provider; 
  • IP address; 
  • Internet browser software version; 
  • operating system of the computer;  
  • system logs; 
  1. The Personal Data Administrator processes your data, such as: 
  • name and surname or business name; 
  • address;
  • e-mail address;
  • contact phone number;
  • VAT Id.;


  1. In order to guarantee full functionality during use of the Internet Shop and in the process of completing the Order Form in the On-line Shop, the Seller can send Notifications regarding the activities performed by the Client.  
  2. On-line Shop uses cookies files which are installed in the Client’s web browser. The Client is entitled to reject them, but this can entail improper operation of certain Services as well as complete blockade of access to the On-line Shop. 
  3. Cookies are IT data, especially text files, stored in the end device of the Client and are intended for use of the Online Shop. “Cookies” usually contain the name of the page they originate from, storage time in the end device and a unique number.
  4. Each browser has a different way of cookies management. The Seller prepared interlinks with appropriate instructions below. Select the appropriate web browser from the below list: 
    1. Internet Explorer -
    2. Chrome -
    3. Safari -
    4. Firefox-
    5. Opera -
  5. Any Client can send their opinion, remarks and questions regarding confidentiality of information and privacy policy to the Personal Data Administrator. These must be sent to the following e-mail address: